Nominate a Candidate

Do you have a candidate in your riding who has a professional or personal history of advocating for animals? We want to hear about them! Nominations for candidates from all parties are welcome. Some examples of candidates who we would consider endorsing are:

  • A candidate who has a history of working for an animal protection organization or in animal law, or who has spent time volunteering for one of these organizations.
  • A candidate with documented strong personal beliefs about protecting animals, for example, someone who is an ethical vegetarian or vegan or someone who has organized or attended protests on animal protection issues (for example: protests against rodeos, circuses, zoos, marine parks, fur, or breed-specific legislation).
  • A candidate who has been involved in launching or supporting cruelty-free businesses such as a plant-based restaurant or cruelty-free fashion or beauty businesses.
  • A candidate who has served in other levels of government and proven themselves as a strong ally for animals.

If you are a candidate, you are welcome to nominate yourself for an endorsement!

Note that a nomination does not guarantee an endorsement.

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