Get Involved

Are you ready to help elect Canada’s most animal-friendly parliament ever? YOU can make a difference in this election!

The best ways to help animal-friendly candidates and to encourage candidates to learn more and take action on animal issues: 

  • Find out who the candidates in your riding are and get in touch with them to ask their positions on animal protection issues. Email, phone, or visit their office in person! Some questions to ask are: 
    • Which legislation has your party introduced or supported that promoted animal welfare?
    • Would you help form and participate in an all-party committee on animal welfare? 
    • Canada is one of the few western countries without a federal Animal Protection Act. Would you support this legislation?
    • There is no federal legislation that addresses the welfare of animals on farms. Does your party have policies in its platform that would improve farmed animal welfare?
    • Would you support a ban on animal testing for cosmetics and the sale of cosmetics tested on animals? 
  • If you know a candidate is a strong ally for animals, volunteer for their campaign. Volunteers are a critical part of political campaigns and your support will go a long way.
  • Make a donation to the campaign of an animal-friendly candidate. You can donate to any campaign across the country, and your donation is eligible for a significant tax credit. Up to $400, you get 75% back at tax time!
  • If you’re in or near the riding of one of our endorsed candidates, volunteer for them and ask your friends and family to do the same. 
  • Attend events where candidates will be present, like debates and town hall meetings, and ask questions about their positions on animal issues. Take a friend, ask them to film you, and share the footage with us! Every question that we can share on social media will inspire others to do the same and let candidates and parties know that animal protection issues are important to Canadians.  

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